Chromatic North

UX + Design by Brian Pirie

As a designer, I help make interactive media – like apps and websites – easy, relevant, attractive and people-oriented.

Why are good experiences hard to find?

Technology and media should help us learn, connect, work and create. It should be an easy and delightful experience. So why is it often difficult, ugly, impersonal or irrelevant?

People are realizing design is key to solving these problems, but are still learning how to employ it successfully.

Keys to successful design

In my experience successful projects have these 6 principles in common:

Design is in the bones. It starts with how it works. It isn't just adding a pretty skin afterwards.

Trust your designer. Don't mistake fashion or personal preference for design. Good design is never arbitrary.

Challenge your designer. If the current solution doesn't achieve your goals, rather than coming up with your own solution, explain your concerns to your designer.

Put users' needs first. Doing what's easiest to implement doesn't always lead to success.

The devil is in the details. Be sure they don't get lost during implementation.

If you run into problems later, go back to your designer. Don't shoehorn-in a half-thought-out solution.